Friday, November 26, 2010

A Gentle Nudge (Hedgewyck)

A frost encrusted leaf on the driveway
  This morning started out in a million diamond points of frost.  The wet ground was frozen firm and rippled ice lay on the rainwater tank.  The air was sharp and a covy of quail flew noisily out of the brush when I went to get Sugar in the bright morning sun.  My husband spent most of yesterday trying to keep the furnace and generator working.  The generator needs new brushes and we're not quite sure what is wrong with the furnace.  Of course all this happens on the coldest day we've had so far..............and a holiday no less.  Thank the Fates I married a man who is mechanically inclined!

Yesterday's cold anxiety threw harsh attention on just how fragile our machines are and how terribly dependant we are on them.  With such complexity comes huge potential for failure.  We need a more resiliant system, for without the generator, we have no heat or light.  The furnace, likewise, has no backup system should something fail.  What if we come to a point where we can't afford propane or gasoline for these machines?  How will we cook, see, or keep warm?  Obviously we need a simpler system.

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