Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And So It Begins..............(Hedgewyck)

To say it wasn't hard to leave everything behind wouldn't be truthful.  It is never easy to leave what one knows for something completely new.  After all, we are starting over from scratch.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm too old for all this.  But I know the challenge will make me a stronger person.

Sugar in the area we have chosen for the livestock.
Despite my reservations, the beauty of this place is bewitching.  I love the trees and green.  The forest seems to hug me in a protective veil, hiding us from the critical eyes of the world.  I want to take care of this place, to do things right the first time.  With this in mind, we will attempt to build just what we need in a way that works with the land instead of changing it.  Can we balance the wild with the tamed?

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