Monday, November 29, 2010

Poverty's Blessing (Hedgewyck)

I've never thought of poverty as a blessing before.  Our society's infatuation with the material has done it's work, and being considered poor always loomed as a dark shadow of affliction, to be avoided at all costs. Yet this experience is redefining my perception of what poverty really is. All the distractions and clutter of modern American life are cleared away, leaving only what is truly necessary.  It forces us to consider and reconsider what we are doing and why.  If we'd had the money, we'd have started building right away in our haste to reclaim the familiar.  Then we'd be faced with tearing down what we'd already done if we're really committed to doing what's best for Hedgewyck, or going on regardless of our convictions about this place and the way we have chosen to live.  Because we lack resources we must wait, even when we don't wish to.  Poverty has joined us on this adventure.  Yet is not here as an enemy, as one might think, but as as guide.

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