Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Hedgewyck? (Hedgewyck)

I often get puzzled looks when I tell others we call our new place in the Missouri Ozarks Hedgewyck.  I suppose it does seem like an outlandish name.   But it fits.

Some of the beautiful woods at Hedgewyck
You see, I've had a fascination with living fences for the past few years.  The climate we are in here tends to quickly destroy deadwood fenceposts, unless they're treated with a host of toxic chemicals, but it nurtures trees and brush.  So I figured it would be wise to make a living fence.  I chose Osage Orange, otherwise known as Hedge, for the subject of said fence.  This thorny plant starts easily from seed, grows rapidly, and is not bothered by diseases or pests.  It takes a few years, but when it's done, the resulting fence is very effective for keeping animals and people where you want them, whether that is in or out. 

Anyway, back to the name.  Wyck is old english for "living".  Thus Hedgewyck means living Hedge, which I thought very appropriate given our plans.

There is a decent article about this very subject in the October/November 2010 Mother Earth News. 

To read it click here.

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