Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bare Minimum (Hedgewyck)

What is the bare minimum one needs to be happy?  If someone had asked me that last May, I would have had a very different answer than today.  I had daydreamed about moving somewhere and living off grid, but dreaming and doing are very different things.  Reaility is seldom what one dreams.

We are five months into our adventure here.  When we arrived, we worked very hard at replicating the lifestyle we left.  Our expectations were that we would be able to live much the way we always had.  Fate had other plans for us.

Yet, chance has not been unkind.  Emergencies, such as the generator quitting, have come one at a time. We've been able to taper off our dependency on the modern lifestyle instead of going cold turkey.  We've had time to adjust.  As our lives get quieter and simpler, we're learning how much more resiliant and secure a lifestyle that isn't dependent on complicated devices can be.  We've begun designing our home to reduce the necessity for technology. 

So what do we need to be happy?  Much less that we'd imagined!

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