Friday, May 13, 2011

Brazen Blooms (Hedgewyck)

The flowers herald the turning of Spring's sweet promise to the rich maturity of Summer. No longer do I see the shy spring florets, nodding modestly in the dappled shade of bright new leaves.  Spring flowers are gentle creatures, pale and fragile, blooming and fading quietly away leaving almost no trace of their fleeting lives in the thick carpet of moss and leaves.

Suummer flowers are much more brazen than their spring sisters.  They stand proudly erect, turning their comely heads to follow the rays of light that stream through the leafy canopy above.  Glossy petals flutter and lusty perfume wafts a siren song to those that come to sip sweet nectar and take away a dusting of pollen.  For all of this splendor is carefully designed to help conceive the next generation.  Even after the job is done and seeds are scattered to the wind, stiff stalks topped by spiked crowns will linger well into winter.

I have never shared a place where flowers grow with such reckless abandon and take abslutely no effort on my part.  The blackberry brambles are fairly white with delicate petals and the beebalm flirts with butterflies.  Slim daisies sway in the breeze with all the regal poise of a princess. It would be selfish of us to put in a grass lawn and take space from such a variety of lives.  Compared to Hedgewyk's wanton display, a formal lawn is a lifeless expanse of monotony as out of place as a paved parking lot.  I do not believe we will be doing much mowing this summer.................

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  1. Absolutely beautiful....I anxiously await your next post... Jennifer


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