Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two Worlds (Hedgewyck)

The pace of life in the Ozarks has taken some getting used to.  Not even the sun is in a rush here.  Its muted light trickles through the moist morning air slowly, like golden honey that washes across the beaded brightness of morning dew on flowers and leaves.  It is often mid morning before bright shafts of sunlight pierce the green canopy.  Even then, nothing seems to be in a hurry.  Black butterflies flash blue patterned wings as they glide from one flower to another and wasps trace languid patterns as they probe here and there.

I have found a real difficulty in fitting myself into Hedgewyck's mellow tempo.  It is not because I don't wish to, but because I must live with one foot in each of  two worlds.  My heart and soul belongs in the haven of our woods, but I must make a living.  Modern existence does not respect any natural rhythm, but instead pulses at a much faster beat.  I find the shift from my quiet morning routine to the rushing pace of the outside world bruising and bewildering. When I return to the welcome tranquility of Hedgewyck, I am bound tight in my modern persona and must tug it away to truly enjoy the beauty around me.  Perhaps I may find a way to take the pace of my gentle home with me.

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