Sunday, June 5, 2011

Size Matters (Hedgewyck)

We've been here for nine months.  For three quarters of a year we have watched Hedgewyck change with the seasons.  During the fall we were charmed by the glorious reds and golds and the rich smell of fallen leaves.  Winter's subdued grey hues and intricate pattern of bare branches encouraged us to turn inward and consider our place here.  While the new green leaves and fragrant blossoms of spring brought us fresh energy to give life to our insights.  We have traveled through three of the four seasons, each one bringing us a deeper understanding of this place we're living.

We are experiencing the determined industry of summer now.  The leaves are full and dark, often marred with holes and scars as they feed our many legged cousins.  This is a time for building for those who dwell in Hedgewyck.  Wasps and birds build nests and raise young, caterpillars eat, spin cocoons, and burst out transformed, and tiny grapes swell on their vines.  We are no exception to this activity.  We had a small cabin delivered and are beginning to finish the inside.  Even though it may see tiny to anyone who has lived the "normal" American life, to us it is positively spacious.  Obviously size is relative. 

While our time spent in a camper trailer has not always been pleasant, it has been extremely valuable. We have learned exactly what is needed for true comfort and what is merely extra.  This knowledge strongly influences our choices as we divide up our new space.  A good sized bathroom and roomy kitchen take up the lion's share of the cabin.  A cozy nook with comfortable seating is also a priority.  I am grateful for these lessons that we may be content and cozy while still sharing Hedgewyck with everyone who belongs here.

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