Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Full Circle

The air has the sweet, dying smell of Autumn.  There is a crisp chill in the morning when I go out to milk Tinkerbell.  Hints of red, orange and yellow flash in the forest.  Persimmons begin to turn neon orange, waiting for the first frosts to develop their sweetness.  I spent some time yesterday gathering hickory nuts hidden among last Fall’s leaves and twigs and savoring their sweet meats.  Wild hickory nuts are not like their tame cousins one finds in the store.  The untamed flavor of the paper thin meats is rich and sweetly complex.

This is the season of abundance.  Unlike fleeting summer crops of lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers, Fall’s bounty is hearty and long lasting.  Potatoes, nuts, squash, onions, beans, and flint corn ripen and are stored away to sustain us during the dark days of winter.  In a world where you can get strawberries and tomatoes all year, we’ve forgotten that there is a season for everything.  In a way this makes us poorer, for we accept these pale versions of true food as the real thing and miss out on the exquisite pleasure of perfectly ripe strawberries and cream on a Spring morning.

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