Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Step

Last week we took another big step toward self-sufficiency.  We installed a tiny wood stove in our trailer.  This simple act is symbolic of our journey in Thistleglade. The wood stove itself is uncomplicated, unlikely to break down, and can be used for heating, cooking, and warming water.  Thistleglade provides us plenty of fuel as she heals from the logger’s heavy hand.  Yet heating with wood also means the days of a simple flick of the switch are gone.
We are learning that the price of this security, of not having to depend on others to fix our equipment or provide us with the means to use it, is mindfulness.  Wood must be gathered and prepared for burning.  The stove must be carefully tended when it is being used.  We must plan ahead.  Once again we are forced into intimate acquaintance with the process in which our needs are met. 
So is all of this effort worth it?  Perhaps some would consider cutting wood, coaxing a flame into life, and nurturing the fire too much work.  I do not.  These tasks have been woven carefully into our days, smoothly meshing with others in the intricate and beautiful pattern that is our life.

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