Monday, October 17, 2011


Fall’s glory is growing dim.  Brilliant red and gold leaves fade to deep tan and flutter to the ground at the slightest breeze.  Acorns hit the ground in quick staccato, eagerly sought and eaten with relish by squirrels, deer, and the goats.  The hidden paths and mossy dells of Thistleglade are revealed day by day.  It is during the winter we will get to know her better, see her contours and find the injuries that need help healing.
This weekend was spent clearing a place for our cabin.  We chose the most unsightly spot in the clearing for our home.  Fallen trees had crushed their sisters, forcing them to grow in contorted tangles.  Thorny shrubs and rotting wood filled the spaces between.  It was much more work to clean this wounded area than simply building in the clearing would have been, but I could not bear to spoil a spot already beautiful.
It is time to make some choices.  What size of home do we need?  How much in resources should we consume, both in building and living?  Our time in the camper has helped us learn the difference between what we want and what we need.  Still, it is going to take energy and awareness to keep from falling into lifelong patterns of consumption and excess as we design and build our cabin.  Are we strong enough to stand by our convictions?

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  1. This was a welcome escape for me today :)



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