Monday, October 31, 2011


Thistleglade has shed her lavish Summer garments to reveal her true self.  All her scars and contours formerly hidden in a riot of green leaves and colorful flowers are now openly displayed.  The trees stand in various degrees of nudity, buff leaves scattered on the ground and twisted limbs joined in an intricate highway for squirrels, birds, and our many legged cousins.  Here and there a particularly shy tree keeps her bright red or brilliant green clothing, putting off the inevitable disrobing for as long as possible.
While Thistleglade is truly magnificent in her Summer garb, and breathtaking in full Autumn regalia, there is something bewitching about her in this naked display.  It is only by seeing her as she really is, not as we would want her to be, that we can learn to live lightly here.  We must accept what she has to offer and not ask for more than she can give without harm.  It is a very difficult lesson, to accept others for who they are.  If we can learn it, it may just change the world.

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  1. The Pin Oak is a modest tree as it will not drop all of it's old leaves until the new ones are coming in. I relish its color and wind protection in the dead of winter.


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