Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving has become somewhat of an orphan among holidays.  I suppose that makes sense in a culture where most holidays now center on some sort of purchase or travel.  In this context, a holiday that focuses on being thankful for what one already has isn’t particularly useful.  So the frenzy to buy pumpkins, costumes, and candy for Halloween quickly phases to displays of Christmas Trees, glittering lights, and commercials suggesting that one’s love for a person is directly related to how much one spends on them.
I find I resent this attitude that one should never be content with what one has.  We have very little in the way of material things, but I find such joy and contentment in our lifestyle.  Had we chosen a more typical American way of life, I would miss so much.  By leaving behind the clutter of modern existence, we have made room for so many other pleasures.  Every morning I walk out into the fragrant air and the goats joyfully call greetings to me.  The purring cats twine around my feet in a shameless bid for attention.  Often there is a shy deer in the trees and the squirrels scold from branches far too small to hold them.  As I walk in to a warm home after morning chores, fire crackling in the stove and with a jar of rich creamy milk, I realize I am wealthy indeed.

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  1. I miss sharing all of this with you. Thistleglade seems like a wonderland.


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