Saturday, November 5, 2011

Growing Up

Clara is being weaned this week and she’s terribly unhappy about it.  Her whole world has changed in the space of a day.  She has always spent her days with Tinkerbell, enjoying the safety and comfort of her presence and sustained by her rich milk.  But Clara is now old enough to feed herself and nurses as much for comfort as anything.  It is time for her to grow up.  As I listen to her calls and watch her desperately try to nurse her mother through the fence, it strikes me that I have often been just as unwilling to accept changes in my life.
I suppose it is in the nature of all of us to fight growing up.  After, who would willing leave the blissful carelessness that most of us enjoyed during our childhood.  As a child, I lived each day for that day only, unable to imagine the complexities I am expected to grasp as an adult.  The world was a good place and my small troubles were keenly felt, but quickly forgotten.  Each moment brought a new adventure and the future was a shining beacon before me.
How does one measure such an intangible idea as growing up?  I believe growing up requires the willingness to do what is hard when one has the opportunity of an easier course.  It is to take the right path even when it is but a rocky trail and everyone else travels easily on the interstate.  It is to accept the price of your awareness may be discomfort and loss. 
So am I now grown up?  Perhaps I have just set my foot on that rocky trail…

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