Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing Our New Cottage!

Have you ever seen a house and had it whisper "Welcome Home."? That's exaclty what happened when we drove by this little cottage sitting on a hill. The moment I saw it, visions of the front porch covered with a wild tangle of climbing roses and a quaint picket fence intertwined in thorny stems and lush blossoms swam through my head. Imagine my joy to discover this home was going to be our very own!!

Those of you who have followed me through Hedgewyck and Thistleglade may wonder how I could give up the wild green forest for the bustling center of town. It all comes down to awareness. We set out to live a more sustainable, self sufficient life. On the surface, living back in the woods, off grid and growing one's own food seems to fit the bill. But we realized with growing uneasiness that we were using far more energy that we saved to maintain the lifestyle. Then, as I contemplated the best way to heal our abused Thistleglade, I realized the best way to help her heal was to not be there. We were definitely not self-sufficient either. Our dependence on fossil fuel and driving was at direct odds with what we wanted to accomplish. Enter the concept of Urban Self Sufficiency. We have an 80'x150' lot. West Plains has very liberal livestock laws.

Let's see if we can create Eden in the city.

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