Sunday, April 15, 2012

Planting Roses

We have moved into our new home and have set about making it truly ours. Of course the first thing I did was plant two climbing roses next to the porch. After much thought, I chose a variety called PiƱata. Its flaming yellow and orange blooms are sure to inspire passion and creativity in our new home.

I had to use a fencing bar to dig up the rocky soil. The rich dark smell of fresh turned earth stirs something primal in me. Even though I am planting a rose, which we cannot eat or wear, I feel a strange sort of satisfaction while nestling it in the earth. I feel a connection to this place that I did not before, as if I have given it a part of me. As I give more of myself to my home, it gives more back. We become part of each other.

There is much to do here. The lot is rocky and bare, only a few intrepid wild plants grow here. Yet in my head, I see masses of blooms swaying above the green of grass. Lush plants overflow the raised garden beds and mints grow with wild abandon beneath the great Oak that spreads it limbs protectively over the house.

We will bring more life here.

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