Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time Slips Away

It is only the end of April, yet this Spring has rushed into Summer with wanton abandon.  The honeysuckle behind the house drapes lushly over its tall cousins and perfumes the air with intense sweetness.  The air is warm and moist and I feel as though I am far behind in my gardening. 

Yet there has been progress.  The wee roses I nestled into the earth when we moved here are now wearing buds, ready to burst forth in fragrant glory.  Golden Sweet peas and nasturtiums reach for the sun in the front porch baskets and I just planted more nasturtiums in the side baskets.  Nasturtiums are a lovely container plant that adds bright flowers and peppery round leaves to salads.

Much of this time has been spent planning.  We are blessed to have lovely old trees around our home.  We have a great deal of shade in our little yard and must work around this for our garden.  To add to the complexity of the problem, a black walnut stands right in the middle of the only place a garden can go.  While it is a lovely tree and sees to it that our home is shaded nearly all day, it is not a good neighbor for most plants.  I have mulled over my options from cutting it down and killing the stump with a series of treatments with Roundup, to just leaving it and learing to work with its prickly personality.  But in the end there was really only one path that aligns with my philosophy.  So the black walnut tree will stay where it is.  It's strong trunk will be the center of my spiral garden bed, perhaps adorned with a grape vine, and I will garden in ways that allow the tree and my other plants to live in peace.

I have learned that what is right is seldom what is easy.

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