Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finally a Name

This morning as I lay in my bed listening to the hot summer rain patter lightly on the roof and drip on the back deck, I decided it was time to get serious about naming our cozy home.  I had played with several names when we first got here, but I realize now we weren't well enough acquainted for me to know the cottage's true name.  After all, a name is a very powerful thing that shapes us as we shape it.  It is a very ancient belief that knowing someones true name gives the knower power.  Giving someone or something a name even more so.   Naming makes you a part of that which you named.

Perhaps this seems like a lot of trouble, putting some much power into a name.  Still, I wanted a name that would reflect the magical thing our cottage will become.  Even now, I see it covered with a wild tangle of climbing roses, the porches primly painted white beneath them.  A green carpet of rupturewort covers the ground with blooms of crocus, hyacinth, and foxglove peeking out in their seasons.  Flat stones mark meandering paths among graceful curved beds where flowers and food keep company like old friends.  It is a place for fairies and pixies to hide, gnomes to guard, and satyrs to caper to the piping of the crickets.

So there in the gentle place between sleep and waking, a name nudged at my awareness.  It flitted in and slipped away with a sly giggle when I tried to grasp it.  Finally I just lay there, open and waiting, knowing it was there for me.  And so it came....  WeeHavyn.  I smiled at the mischief that seemed to drip from it, the joy and gaiety it conjured. 

Our home has a name.

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