Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Much Do We Eat in Two Weeks?

Shopping is a habit.  Even when we lived twenty miles out of town, we went to the store nearly every day for something.  Of course, we would always come back with more than we'd planned to get in the first place.  Millions of dollars are spent determining how to place things for an impulse buy, and I am just as susceptible to that psychology as anyone.

What's left of the sugar.
Just to see the difference, we decided that we would only get groceries once every two weeks.  No trips to the store in between.  After all, if you're not in the store, you aren't tempted to shop.  The problem is, we really have no idea how much we eat in two weeks!  So I guessed and here's how our first two weeks went..

I didn't buy enough cheese and had to run to the store for more in the middle of the time period.  Of course I bought some sausages and sauerkraut too, which just proves my point.  We have nearly used up the 10 pounds of sugar I bought, which is rather horrifying.  That means we use at least 260 lbs of sugar a year.  Everything else has pretty much held out, but we could use some more meat.

I'm so looking forward to the time when WeeHavyn can help provide some of the things I am buying now.

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