Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As I walked to work this morning I reflected on how many precious resources are spent on automobiles.  An alien anthropologist might think they were in charge.  After all, we cover roads and huge parking areas with cement and asphalt that continually needs repaired to keep determined Nature from healing the wounded land.  Most homes have a "house" just for them.  Many homes have one for each driver and maybe a spare.  We spend so much time and energy buying, insuring, repairing, and washing them.  Many  people have a permanent car payment, buying a new one as soon as the old one is paid for. 

Cars insulate us from the world.  As we fly along the road in our isolated little box, we are basically unaware of the people around us in their own boxes.  The temperature outside is insignificant.  The concept of distance is blurred. 

One of the best things about WeeHavyn is that it is within easy walking distance from nearly everything.  Unfortunately, the only essential not two to three blocks from the cottage is a grocery store.  The nearest grocery store is perhaps 1/3 mile away.  While this is certainly not an unreasonable walk, there is a problem.  Our cities are not designed for walkers.  They are designed for cars.  In order for me to walk to the grocery store, I must walk along busy streets with no sidewalks or crosswalks.  In our worship of the auto, we have made walking downright dangerous.

Still, there is an enormous freedom in being able to walk to necessities.  When we lived in the woods, we were horribly dependent on our vehicles.  Having one break down would have been very difficult.  Losing both would have been a catastrophe.  Here, we could go without both with little difficulty.  In fact, we've decided to sell the car and only keep the truck. 

Best of all, we seldom know the price of gas.....

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