Monday, August 13, 2012


We had a wild, but brief, thunderstorm before dawn today.  By the time I was up and ready for work it had rushed away, leaving the world cool and clean in the new sunlight.  After such a long hot summer, I can't help but revel in the fresh, crisp air that hints strongly of Autumn's coming.

Early this spring I ordered a couple of artichoke plants along with several varieties of mint.  While I adore tomatoes and peppers, I feel that perennial food plants are much more efficient as far as labor goes.  You do have to get them going and maintain them regularly, but once they are established, they are always there.  I am aiming for about seventy-five percent perennial food plants on WeeHavyn.  The mint and artichokes were the start of this endeavor.

I've never grown artichokes before and it is the opinion of the locals that they wouldn't grow here well.  But I needed a certain number of plants to fill my order anyway so I figured I'd give it a try.  They had a rough trip and came to me wilted and damaged.  After spending a couple of days in intensive care in the house, I planted them in two large plastic tubs.  All my reading told me they like cool summers and mild winters.  The poor things had to endure the hottest, driest summer in 60 years.  Needless to say they pretty much just sat there, loosing leaves just as fast as they added them.  I began to think they were never going to grow.  Still, I watered them daily and left them to their own devices.

To my surprise, they have grown mightily the last few weeks, at least tripling in size.  I'm not sure I will get any artichokes this year, but the beauty of perennials is that there is always next year.  Who knows though, I may feast on artichoke this fall yet.

Next year.... asparagus!

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  1. Next Season get as many asparagus as you can, not all will produce at the same time and you might eat maybe one a day if you only get a few plants. And get Jersey Giants, they're the best. Here in Fla. I didn't think they would do well, but I was wrong. I've amended the sandy soil with lots of compost and they are beautiful! My artichokes plants were huge and I even got one, but the summer heat has killed them. Hoping they do come back!


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