Saturday, August 4, 2012

Seven Day Fast: Day 1

Since I had to work today, I chose to begin my fast after breakfast.  I figured this would give me half a day before I was really feeling the effects.  I had two scrambled eggs with some salsa for breakfast and headed off for work.

I drank just under a quart of water before lunch and was quite hungry as I walked up the hill to go home for lunch.  I also felt sort of light and fuzzy, I'm sure as a result of my body running out of easily accessible sugar but not used to switching to ketosis.  As was a recurring theme in all of the fasting accounts I read, I felt at a bit of a loss with what to do with my time instead of eating.

One odd thing I'm noticing is a sort of fear.  I watched some videos at lunch and whenever I saw food I kept feeling like I would NEVER be able to enoy that again.  I'm not sure exaclty where this fear is coming from as I know perfectly well I will be able to eat what I want at the end of this week so this fear is obviously emotional rather than rational.

I was quite hungry all afternoon and the walk home from work was filled with aroma of food from the restraunts on the square.  It smelled lovely and I was very hungry.  I almost gave up on the fast, but hung in there.  When I got home Brad told me he'd made me dinner.  There was a huge pitcher of icewater in the fridge.  He made himself some scrambled eggs with salsa that smelled like heaven and I sipped ice water.

I went to bed early.  I was cold and kind of shivery, but the hunger subsided.  I did feel the start of a headache coming on, but I'd expected this as everytime I quit sugar cold turkey I get one.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.

One Day Down!.

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