Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seven Day Fast: Day 2

I was not terribly hungry when I woke up this morning, so basically the hunger yesterday was akin to a toddler having a temper tantrum because she doesn't get what she wants.  I did have a bit of a headache.  It was very mild and I'm sure it's from not having sugar and tea.  Still, it isn't bad enough to bother taking anything for, which I'd like to avoid if I can.  I got on the scales and was down to 148.  I'm sure this is all water, but it was nice to see the number go below 150. 

Even though I don't feel horribly hungry, I still had the urge to eat this morning.  There is so much to eating that has nothing to do with hunger.  So many habit and rituals built around food.  Perhaps this week will help me evaluate some of them.

By noon it became obvious that my usual "leap in with both feet" approach to things was not going to work with fasting.  My head was pounding and waves of nausea flowed over me.  I carefully broke my fast with some chicken soup and reassessed by fasting plans.  While I know my body has the ability to go without food, it has lost this primitive knowledge though years of modern life and regular meals.  I will have to condition both my body and mind to fasting if I am to succeed at this.

Since the 24 hour fast gave me only minor discomfort, I have decided to fast from 6pm to 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This will allow me to eat supper with Brad every night, an important custom for him.  I am also at work these days and being busy and away from easy snacks helps.  I am still planning on longer fasts.  I will try for a 48 hour fast to end on the Autumn Equinox.

I suppose this is a bit like training for a marathon.  One would start by running a mile, not ten.  I will have to learn patience.

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