Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrating Failure

It is grey and damp this morning.  The roses bow under the weight of the dew and pearly droplets fall from the trees.  The squirrels are busy gathering up walnuts and the patter of water reveals their progress along their tree branch highway.  I feel the spirit of Fall today even though I know Summer could return tomorrow.

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  Its crisp air wakes me from Summer's languor and I begin to think of new things.  As Mother Nature is slowing down and getting ready for the long dormancy of winter, I get a burst of energy.  I suppose this comes from the ancient drive that pushed us to prepare for winter's cold and hunger.  I use my renewed vigor to my advantage and my best plans and ideas seem to bubble up among the bright colors and cool days.

I try new things constantly.  I love the challenge of taking an idea and making it happen.  Sometimes the end result is very different from what I imagined and sometimes my ideas don't work at all.  But I am always richer for the trying, even if just in knowledge.

My biggest problem is that I like to share my ideas with others before they are finished.  I have found that rather than being helpful and encouraging, many people dwell on every possible thing that can go wrong with my plan.  I'm sure they think they are being helpful, but it often leaves me feeling unsure of myself and emotionally bruised.  It certainly takes much of the joy out of the project.  The more a person cares for me, the more enthusiastic they seem about finding reasons that my plans won't work.

Why is this?  Where does this fear of failure come from?  Is it because we are battered with so much fear laden information every day?  Take a look at the headlines or listen to the news.  There's always a story about damgage to the environment, some terrible new health issue, or a vast social problem that one person hasn't a hope of making even the slightest difference in.  Perhaps this makes us afraid to even try.  We have become so focused on the end result that we've forgotten that the value is really in the journey.

I shall celebrate my failures!

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  1. I don't know where this fear of failure comes from, but my experiences in sharing dreams or plans or thoughts with family or friends certainly mirrors your own.

    I used to believe they were trying to prevent me from trying new things, but over time I've convinced myself that they love me and are simply trying to protect me.

    And yes, I find personally that the deluge of negative stories and information out there is one big cause of fear and anxiety for me and probably for everyone else, too.

    Or maybe people feel that we are asking them to rip plans apart looking for faults, and that they are really helping. ; )


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