Thursday, September 27, 2012

Officially Fall!

The eager walnuts have begun to don their brilliant Autumn yellow.  The air is crisp and spicy.  Raging thunderstorms appear and disappear in less than an hour.  Everything is damp, and the grass grows as if it were spring.

This cooler weather always makes me think a fall garden.  I have never done this.  The weather in Wyoming is so severe in winter it really takes a greenhouse, or at least a very good cold frame to make it worth-while.  That isn't the case here at all.  Still, there is another issue that always seems to keep me from enjoying fresh salad greens all winter.  It is the fact that one's fall garden needs to be planted during the full heat of the summer.  I would much rather spend those stifling days gently swinging in a hammock with a good book.  I barely manage to care for my struggling summer plants.  The idea of planting my winter garden crosses my mind, but it just never gets done.

This fall I will work on finishing the garden bed and planting crocus and narcissus in the lawn.  I eagerly look forward to the riot of spring color these bulbs will bring and perhaps with the raised bed and drip system done, I will muster the energy to start a fall garden next year. 


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