Sunday, October 14, 2012

Worms in My Kitchen

Worms are't terribly fond of the camera,
so this is the best I could do
I have lots of worms in my kitchen.  It started out with just a handful and now there are thousands!!  I realize that statement sounds a bit like an episode of one of those reality televison shows from the Discovery channel such as Hoarders or Infested, but I actually want them there.

My little kitchen worm farm started out as a small plastic coffee can given to me by James, one of my co-workers.  I then proceeded to drill holes in a small plastic tote I had purchased for their new home.  After the holes were installed in the bottom, sides, and top, the aerated tote was nestled into another to catch any liquid that might drip if things got a little too damp along the way.  Some torn leaves, a sprinkling of dirt for "grit" (worms have gizzards like chickens to grind their food), and a few table scraps were added.  I gently poured the small, squirming mass into the middle and tucked them in with a nice layer of damp shredded newspaper.

This is all the space my quietest pets take up.
I find I'm quite fond of my worms.  They silently do their thing, never demanding walks or treats.  In the process of it all, they give me the most wonderful plant food in the world.  It took a while before the population could deal with much in the way of food scraps, but now they really reduce the amount of garbage that heads to the landfill.  So now all those potato peelings, pepper cores, and wilted lettuce leaves go back into the garden to feed us again.

The cycle of life is a truly beautiful thing.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Rid of Gadgets

Good Toast!  But watch carefully...
One of the consequences of living in a tiny home is that you have to make choices.  There is only so much space and each thing that comes into our home must have a place and a purpose.  I like my home to be neat and uncluttered, so it is important for this choosing to happen even before items are brought in.

The current kitchen in WeeHavyn is perhaps the least well-planned room in the house.  It is truly a bachelor's kitchen, with just enough counterspace to put a few cannisters and none to work it.  There are only four small cupboards and the undersink space for storage, yet I love to cook!  We have plans to improve this much used room, but for now I had to make some hard choices.

I have chosen to forgo most of the usual modern appliances to keep a little counter space free for cooking.  I have one blender, a coffee maker, and an air popper.  That's it.  No toaster, food processor, or electric mixer.  Instead I've chosen to do things "the old fashioned way" with a heavy cast iron pan, a sharp knife, and a wooden spoon.  These items not only perform the tasks of the appliances I have forgone, but take up less space and multi-task as well. 

Wait!  Isn't multi-tasking the Holy Grail of the modern world?  Perhaps I'm just ahead of my time......