Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Additions

Well, it's official.  My new Silver Fox rabbits are purchased and will be with us in April.  I am starting with two does and two bucks.  They will be 12 weeks old, which will give them some time to get used to both their new home and their new caretaker (me) before it's time to breed them.  I've decided to go with a Shakespeare theme with names at WeeHavyn so they will be Romeo, Juliet, Titania, and Oberon.  True to form, and much to my husband's amusement, I've decided I must have fancy name tags for each cage.

Silver Fox rabbits are a heritage breed that was selected for both meat and lovely fur.  They have an excellent meat to bone ratio and grow up to 11 pounds.  They are born black and gradually get their silvering as they get older.  Their fur looks very much like Silver Fox (hence the name Silver Fox), and it was hoped they would replace them in the fur market.

So in the spirit of "Urban Farming", I decided I should be prepared for my critters.  This is a bit of a departure from my usual style of getting an animal and THEN scrambling to accommodate it.  However; when you have livestock in a populated place like WeeHavyn, it's very important to be considerate of one's neighbors. 

I started building cages last week.  We seem to have one really nice day and then 3 or 4 cold and nasty ones so I've been spending the pleasant days outside building my first cage.  I got the basic idea from an old Peace Corps bulletin.  I added some in-floor nest boxes and we're ready to go!

I'm back in the Farming Business!!

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