Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring's First Breath

What an incredible day!  I sit here writing with every window in WeeHavyn wide open, feeling the clean moist air waft past me as it chases away winter's stuffiness.  Unable to stay inside against the siren call of spring, I spent a few minutes tidying up the mint pots.  The fresh smell of mint rose from dead brown stems as I clipped them, inspiring memories of last summer's cool drinks.  Under the crackling cover of leaves, tender green shoots form dainty rosettes as they wait for the time to shoot forth with the wanton abandon only a mint plant can display.

This is a day to revel in, for I know that it is but one part of the breath of Spring.  Soon She will exhale and the cold will come again.  But today I will be as a child, living only in the moment and forgetting there was ever a Winter time.  I will dance among the tiny blue flowers pushing their faces toward the sun.

Today, there is only Spring.

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