Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little At a Time

We have had a few additions to our family this week.  Three Easter Egger chickens, Beatrice, Hermia, and Helena, have joined us.  They are beautifully marked young ladies and have started laying lovely green tinted eggs, just in time for Easter!

I am only getting one smallish pullet egg a day so far, but when I think about it, that's seven eggs a week!  Since we generally go through a dozen or so every couple of weeks, it's the perfect amount for us.  I do find it hard to use them though, since they are so pretty.....

It seems like such a little thing, just an egg a day magically created from a little wheat Fodder and our kitchen scraps.  Still, it's one not so small step toward where we want to be.  Really the only way to get anywhere is just one step at a time.

So often I hear people talking about a fantastic "someday" far into the uncertain future. "Someday we'll have a farm with a milk cow, chickens, pigs, and a huge garden.  Then we'll really be self -sufficient".

But why wait until "someday" when there are so many things you can do right now?  Grow some tomatoes, keep a few chickens or rabbits, share a garden plot with a friend, find your local community garden, or all of these.  Self-sufficiency doesn't have to start with a full on farming experience.  Every skill you learn gives you confidence and gets you ready for the next thing.  Knowledge is the one thing that really belongs to you.

 Take one step after another and you may find your "someday" is right were you are!


What do YOU think?