Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tale of a Chicken Coop

While many people would consider WeeHavyn's small size to be a disadvantage, I find it a wonderful challenge and a blessing.  I love finding ways to make the most of each square foot of either house or lawn.  It's even better than a rubix cube (which I freely admit to pulling the stickers off of).  It also guards from my tendency to go overboard.  If three chickens are good, thirty must be better, right?

The best way to make the most of WeeHavyn is to use everything for more than one purpose and the chicken coop is no different.  Since the back yard is narrow, dark, and steep, it's not terribly useful.  A very small deck, serving as a sort of fire escape, sits behind the house.  It's too small to really be useful as it is, so we've decided to expand it in two stages.  The first stage of expansion has become the chicken coop.  The outside corner of the new deck will also be the support for an umbrella clothesline as there just isn't anywhere else at WeeHavyn without trees.

The deck expansion took one day, with the exception of the railings.  The coop, chicken house, and nest box took two more days.  I expect the railing and painting will take another day.  Maybe two since I want to get fancy with the paint..

Hmm... I think I need another chicken.

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