Sunday, June 16, 2013

An Ending is a Beginning

The Garden Barrel has witnessed another ending.  The Golden Sweet Peas have traveled through their seasons from the sweet round leaves of  tender seedling, the wildly grasping tendrils and trembling bloom of adolescence, slowly plumping golden pods of middle age, and finally the glorious ripening of full maturity.  It is now time for them to give way, leaving dying roots behind to loosen and enrich the soil for the next crop and providing carefully saved seeds for later needs.

Like everything in nature, this ending is also the beginning.  When the peas began to bloom, I nestled a snap bean seed or two in each of their pockets to keep them company.  The beans are now leaving their own childhood, bearing flawless purple blooms like a proud badge of maidenhood.  Soon tiny green husks will push their way from blooms grown pale and ragged, growing into sweet snap beans.  Like the peas, their season will also end and seeds saved from the best and strongest plants.

Thus life spirals on....

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