Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finally a Fence!!

A New Look for WeeHayvn
A very big piece of our Urban Homesteading puzzle was completed yesterday.  We finally have the fence that will be the foundation of our livestock keeping activities.  In very much the same way that WeeHavyn defines our indoor lifestyle, this fence will define how everything works outside.  It's shape will create "rooms" for various activities and it's size limits the number of animals we can keep.  While some people might resent a built-in limitation, I welcome it.  I have a tendency toward excess when it comes to critters and am glad for anything that will curb that even a little.

The Rabbit Shelter will run along the fence here.

One thing about a farm of any size.  As soon as one project is completed, another begins.  I still have to build a shed for the goats, a roof for the permanent rabbit cage site, and we need to finish extending the deck.  Sometimes it's so easy to get lost in what still needs to be done that I forget how much we've already accomplished at WeeHavyn.  I have to sternly tell myself we are making progress and, while no home is ever truly "done", there will come a day when I can spend more time in a hammock and less with a shovel.
Two of the goat shed walls are already done!
 Here's to that day!

In the meantime, I'm off to find the shovel.

This is where the goats will live.

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  1. Great looking fence. Someone did a very nice job. It will help to provide definition to your projects and space. Nicely done.


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