Monday, July 8, 2013

Useful AND Beautiful

I finally finished the milking stand yesterday.  As usual, we're behind schedule when it comes to getting everything ready for the goats.  I used to get upset about this and vow not to even make schedules since they never seemed to be completely successful.  Then I realized that without some sort of schedule, nothing would ever get done and decided that "better late than never"would be my motto. 

I spent a fair amount of time decorating my milk stand so it is pleasing to look at as well as useful.  Perhaps this seems foolish to some.  After all, it's not going to stay perfect and will probably need to be redone eventually.  Yet, this is a tool I am going to be using twice a day for a long time.  By taking the time to paint it and make it pretty, I am showing, if only to myself, my commitment to what I am doing.  This is important stuff to me.

I've never quite understood why "maintenance" is a dirty word these days.  After all, one should spend time on the things one considers important.  The home that shelters me, the car that takes me where I need to go, the animals that feed us are all worthy of my time and attention.  While I don't enjoy every part of taking care of these things, I am grateful that I have them and try to show this by investing the most precious thing I have... my limited amount of time on this earth. 

What's important to you?


  1. Never having had a goat, or seen a goat being milked, I am led to ask who (or what) stands on the milking stand? I am familiar with milking stools and have planted my posterior on many. Does the goat clamber aboard, thus making spigots easier to reach??

    Connie, in Pomona

  2. LOL, That's exactly what is done. Goats are a little close to the ground to milk comfortably without some "levitation". There will be a feed tub clipped to the front for them to eat their Fodder from while the milking commences. Now I just have to get that posthole for the shed support done.....


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