Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rainy Afternoon

We have had an abundance of rainy days this summer in the Ozarks.  Gray skies are been occasionally punctuated with brilliant shafts of sunlight that illuminate an emerald world sparkling with crystal raindrops.  The air is hazy with moisture and my hair curls with wild abandon. 

This morning I awoke to the flash and crack of a strong thunderstorm.  Rain lashed an already soggy landscape and rushing streams carved small gullies in my lawn and down the path to the rabbit cages.  I'm sure all of the grass seed I spread is at the bottom of the hill.

While I have an abundance of outdoor chores, I decided to sew this afternoon rather than brave the mud.  I had purchased a linen dress at the thrift store at some point and it seemed to be perfect for an apron.  The $2 price tag certainly made it economical.  Yet saving money really isn't the point of sewing.  I just spent over $200 on various fabrics for the dresses which will shortly make up my wardrobe (you can see the muslin of that pattern under the apron). 

This afternoon's investment of time and $2 will help keep those more expensive dresses nice.

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