Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Forward

When I decided on the title for this post I realized that it really does represent how I feel about the coming year.  I am actually looking forward to the challenges and changes I see for myself this year.  I am standing in a new world.  My children are grown and my husband is gone.  I am alone for the first time in over 20 years.  I’ll admit I’m scared, but it is the fear one feels just as the roller coaster creeps slowly to the top of the track.  My stomach tightens, my heart pounds, I grip tightly with both hands and get ready for a thrilling ride!  I don’t know what twists, turns, and loops this year will bring to me. 

But I can’t wait to find out!


  1. I'm very glad to see you back. I've been hoping every minute that you'd find enough energy to return to your calling. Many glad vibes sent your way --


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