Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Relapse

Spring has FINALLY sprung in the Ozarks!!  This has been an unusually long, cold winter.  A winter of icy roads and sky-high utility bills.  But the grass is greening, my tiny yellow narcissus dots the lawn, and the birds send trills of ecstasy from among the swelling buds on the branches....perfect conditions for a raging case of Spring Fever.

As I have confessed several times, I am not a particularly talented gardener.  I eagerly plunge in during the gentle Spring with her new green, fresh sunshine, and cool temperatures.  I buy all kinds of seeds, start plants, buy plants, and avidly plan where everything is going to go.  But inevitably, my enthusiasm wanes as the heat, weeds, and bugs of Summer take over and my little slice of heaven becomes withered and overtaken by weeds. 

This year is proving no different.  Here I go... buying seeds, plants, and potting soil.  I just can't seem to resist those beautiful paper packets with the promise of bounty so perfectly pictured on the front, or the tender green plants begging to be gently tucked into the soil.

So I will ignore my shortcomings and joyfully revel in the cycle of this glorious Spring.

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