Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring's Promise

Spring has been in the air this week.  The crocuses have burst forth, bringing the first splashes of color in a dull cold world.  The stiff bare branches of the trees have suddenly grown supple and alive.  Buds are swelling and the barest hint of the scent of blossoms wafts thought the air, as though the trees are dreaming of the glory soon to come.

I have always loved the rhythmic procession of the seasons.  Each one has its own challenges and rewards.  I have always found the dark winter, with it's slow hidden growth, the hardest to bear.  Yet this season often offers the most powerful gifts.  This year the seasonal progression has been especially poignant.  My old life died last autumn, not gently with leaves coloring and then wafting to the ground one by one, but in span of a single night with an early black frost that left everything withered and dying in the light of the next morning. 

I was as naked to the cold winds of fate as the branches of the mighty oak that shelters WeeHavyn,  Yet slowly and silently, the roots of my life continued to grow amid the roar of emotional storms and the frigid loneliness of the nights.  Now as the days begin to lengthen, I feel a quickening within me.  New energy and ideas burst forth from deep within, ready to blossom and bear fruit in the warm sun.  I am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful gifts this new life offers.

I would never have chosen this long cold winter, yet I am grateful for the growth it has given me.

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