Monday, April 14, 2014

An Unusual Strawberry

Spring is in full swing in the Ozarks.  Redbuds are covered with magenta cloaks and the chaste white petals of Bradford pears shower down and waft in the breeze like a delicate bridal veil.  Birds trill and call to one another in a melodious conversation. The crocuses and narcissus have faded away, their beauty early and short, but so very welcome as a bright signal that winter's grip has finally loosened. 

One of the most important lessons WeeHavyn has to teach me is to keep nothing in my life that is not useful or beautiful.  In fact, I strive to only keep those things that are both.  So I decided to plant strawberries in this year's porch planters.  After all, what could be more beautiful that a sparkling red berry and more useful than strawberry topped cheesecake?

Well, how about strawberry plants with lovely pink flowers?  This spring, I discovered the Tristan strawberry.  They are an everbearing type strawberry so I should get berries most of the year.  They are practically runnerless and have the most beautiful pink flowers followed by elongated ruby berries. 

A perfect combination of useful and beautiful....

I had an issue with the cats using my porch boxes as beds last summer and smothering my plants.  I guess the cool, moist soil was just too much to resist.  Pressing sticks in the soil helped some, but they weren't sharp enough and could be pushed over.  So this year I put a U shaped piece of 1"x1" wire in each box with the cut ends sticking up.  It seems to be working so far.

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