Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making Space

Spices anyone?  Okay, I freely admit I'm a bit of a spice junkie.  Pungent, sweet, savory, brightly colored or demurely earth toned, I just love shelves full of neatly labeled little jars of goodness! But where to put them? WeeHavyn has a tiny kitchen that desperately needs remodeled.  There is barely cupboard space for a few cans of tomatoes and counter space is even more restricted.  This is definitely a kitchen designed for the "heat it in the microwave" type.  Yet the kitchen is by far the most expensive room to remodel and other projects have taken priority.

I've been considering filling the remains of the doorway to the bathroom with shelves for a while.  The door basically made the kitchen a hallway into the bathroom so it was removed almost as soon as WeeHavyn became a part of my life.  While it's just the depth of a 2x4, that's plenty of space for small jars.  So...with some scrap lumber, inexpensive brackets, and a few tools, I've built a lovely set of shelves for my spices and baking needs.  It's wonderful not to have to dig through the overfull cupboard to get to the baking soda when I need it and now my mortar and pestle collection has a home.  

I love how these little shelves have opened up my kitchen and am planning on building a niche in that spot for them and perhaps another next to it during the actual remodel.

Look how many more spices I could have!!

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