Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Perks of Being Lazy

I discovered something wondrous this afternoon while watering the plants.  My Goji berries are blooming!!! I'm sure it's much too late for the berries to actually ripen, but these lovely little purple flowers brought a merry smile to my face.

As part of my edible perennial garden, I planted Goji berries this Spring.  These are a native fruit, high in all kinds of wonderful nutrients (just check out how much the dried ones cost at the health food store), and supposedly pest and disease free.  Well..... the plants looked awful all summer!  While they did grow a bit, they were attacked by aphids and other critters and at one point lost almost all their leaves.   I had decided to pull them out and plant something else in the containers.... but just hadn't gotten around to it.   That little bit of laziness has paid off.

Although not generally considered a virtue, I'm finding that there are definite benefits to being just a little bit lazy in my life.  For so many years I felt as though I must be busy all the time.  There seemed to be so many things that "had" to be done.  In my rush to accomplish this or that task, I never stopped to think about how I was spending the most precious possession I have, the only thing that is truly mine, my Time.

It has often been my experience that painful or stressful times in my life have always brought me the most profound lessons.  These are lessons I would never have chosen to learn on my own, but I value them all the more for that.  This last year has taught me to truly treasure each moment I have.  Many tasks I once considered essential, or at least required, have been dropped.  I have opened up time in my life to just sit and daydream, to watch the clouds, to read, and to listen to the whimsical music of my wind chimes.

I'm not sure if this slowing down is the reason that my memories of this year are so clear.  I have had so many wonderful experiences, met amazing people, and stretched my perceptions of who I am and who I want to be.  None of these things likely would have happened if I had insisted on keeping to the pattern that had me constantly moving, rushing from one task to the next and focused on everything but what I was experiencing at the time.

 I was numb to my life and didn't even know it.

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