Sunday, November 30, 2014

HenHouse 2.0

I have often viewed my life as a spiral, growing larger with every turn of the year's great wheel.  Even when it appears I am going back, or repeating something I've already done, that really isn't the case.  There are always differences, even if it's simply where I'm at in my life.  Time streams only forward and it is impossible to return to any past moment.

So here I am, building a chicken house once again as part of this winter's preparation for next spring's return to urban homesteading.  The old henhouse, a recycled doghouse on a frame with a nest box, was big enough for 3 hens maximum.  It tended to leak and the nest box would get wet.  Since I have chickens and not ducks... this just wasn't ideal.  An upgrade is definitely in order.

View from the Back.
The new chicken house is made from a few 2x4's left over from the goat shed and free pallets.  It will have two levels - 3 if you count the roost bars- and a nest box that's accessible from outside the house itself via a door in the side.  There should be ample space for at least 6 hens.  It will also be wired for electricity with a light at the top, complete with timer and outlet.  Very high tech....

Other improvements will be putting corrugated roofing under the deck so it won't get wet and muddy in the pen.  Rainwater will be collected by a gutter and can be used for plants or animals.  A board will be added along the bottom edges to stabilize the wire and a thick layer of straw will be put down.  This is called the deep litter method and keeps everything clean and smelling fresh.  The door has already been moved so it opens to the outside to allow for the extra depth of the straw.

I can't help being excited.... should I start saving egg cartons now??

The old henhouse


  1. Looks good Sherry< I am sure it will prove to be a very nice Hen House when done and you will most definitely enjoy it compared to the old one.
    Mark B.

  2. Thanks Mark.... hopefully the weather will cooperate just a little bit longer.


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