Saturday, February 28, 2015

Falling Off "The Wagon"

Okay, I'll admit it.... I'm a seed junkie.  I've been pretty good this year, limiting my time with seed catalogs and resisting the seed racks a Wal-mart (well...maybe one small packet of rosemary).  I haven't even surfed Ebay for exotic seeds!

All of that self control came crashing down last week.  After a few days of lovely Spring-like weather, it snowed!  Amidst the cold dreariness, Spring fever broke out with a vengeance.  It was a particularly virulent strain that was not at all cured by simply looking at catalogs... I was going to need something more...

Braving icy roads and frigid air more in keeping with early winter than near Spring, I made the 50 mile trek to Baker Creek Seed.  Only a fellow seed addict would understand the feeling of bliss inspired by walking into a room with thousands of seed packets beckoning.  Each innocent packet contains so much potential.  Here in my hand is a whole bushel of crisp, sweet purple carrots.  This tiny packet contains pounds of tangy, sun ripened tomatoes!  How can anyone with imagination and faith that Spring will come resist?

I couldn't!