Saturday, February 28, 2015

Falling Off "The Wagon"

Okay, I'll admit it.... I'm a seed junkie.  I've been pretty good this year, limiting my time with seed catalogs and resisting the seed racks a Wal-mart (well...maybe one small packet of rosemary).  I haven't even surfed Ebay for exotic seeds!

All of that self control came crashing down last week.  After a few days of lovely Spring-like weather, it snowed!  Amidst the cold dreariness, Spring fever broke out with a vengeance.  It was a particularly virulent strain that was not at all cured by simply looking at catalogs... I was going to need something more...

Braving icy roads and frigid air more in keeping with early winter than near Spring, I made the 50 mile trek to Baker Creek Seed.  Only a fellow seed addict would understand the feeling of bliss inspired by walking into a room with thousands of seed packets beckoning.  Each innocent packet contains so much potential.  Here in my hand is a whole bushel of crisp, sweet purple carrots.  This tiny packet contains pounds of tangy, sun ripened tomatoes!  How can anyone with imagination and faith that Spring will come resist?

I couldn't!


  1. I will have to admit a TINY pinch of jealousy that you get to go to Baker Creek's store :)

  2. It is truly amazing... even in the dead of winter. ESPECIALLY in the dead of winter. LOL!

  3. One day I will get to go there and Rocky Ridge also.....while I'm in the neighborhood.

  4. Isn't it interesting how we always want to go to places that are far from home, but the closer ones tend to get ignored? I grew up just a hop and a skip from Yellowstone National Park and didn't go once. I went for the first time since I was a very little girl last fall. It was amazing!!

  5. This is completely off subject but I'm trying to contact you on Facebook about a car you may have owned... Will you please check your "other" folder?

    Thank you,



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