Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another Turning

For many years, I've considered life a spiral.  I  can do the same things, go to the same places, but they're never really the same.  I am different.  I have grown and learned so many things that I cannot act just as I have in the past.  I find fewer surprises in life now, but much more wonder.

A year ago I would have said I was planning on staying in this little cottage for the rest of my life.  She had seen me though the most painful time I'd ever experienced.  She'd helped me give birth to a business and a way of life I'd never imagined.  She'd allowed me to explore myself deeply and thoroughly.  She has been home.

Yet the bewitching tune of a Gypsy ever sings in my heart.  My life has always been a tug of war between my desire for new experiences and others need for me to be firmly planted in one spot.  It has taken me almost two years to realize that those fetters are gone.  No one needs me to be anywhere now.  I can dance to my heart's tune as gaily as I wish and life has sent me a partner that dances to the same one.

It may not surprise you to discover that this house has become too small for me. Not in square footage, that part of her actually seems so large as to be a burden.  I feel held down by all the "stuff" that seems necessary to just fill all that space.  No, it is not the size of the house I have outgrown, but the scope of her.  She cannot sate my longing for adventure.

Thus, the little Cottage will be on the market soon and I will be off on a new adventure.  I have long wished for a tiny house on wheels, a home that will adventure with me.  I see no reason why I shouldn't have one.  We have the skills to build her, and she will henceforth be WeeHavyn.  I have come to realize that WeeHavyn is not the house.  She is a feeling, a way of thinking.

 I carry WeeHavyn  inside of me.

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  1. I found your blog today and read the entire blog. I did enjoy it so much though I am sorry that you have had some difficulties. I think you surely must be writing a book of some sort - your writing is often poetic. I feel uneasy that you are giving up WeeHavyn - but maybe because you didn't mention what you are going to do. Selfishly, I wish you would stay there one more year and write that book. Oh, well - I have enjoyed your blog.


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