Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A New Friend

Rosey Posey has a new friend today.  After the death of Blossom, she was quite lonely, despite the fact that she and Blossom never really got on all that well.  Since a bleating goat is just as annoying as a barking dog, I knew I was going to have to find her a buddy quickly.  I had decided on a whether(castrated male goat) as it occurred to me that the 1/2 gallon a day of milk Rosey will give us is more that we really need.

Three and a half gallons of milk is more than we use in a week, even with two gallons going into various types of cheese.  Our aim at WeeHavyn is to avoid producing in excess so two milkers are not necessary.  We will deal with the dry period when it comes.   In fact, I am hoping that Rosey will be a persistent enough milker that I can milk her for over a year without breeding her back.  The edema that happens at the end of pregnancy and right after kidding are very hard on a goat's udder, permanently stretching the ligaments that support it.  If we can decrease the number of kiddings she has during her lifetime, her udder should stay in better shape.

Fate, as it often does when I take the trouble to notice, had a pleasant surprise for me.  The breeder of Rosey and Blossom offered me Iris, an 18 month old doe.  Iris is too small to breed, only about half Rosey's size, so she will simply be a companion just as a whether would be.  She is a stout little bouncy girl with giant airplane ears who loves attention and petting.  It was quite obvious that Rosey remembered her former herd-mate as there was very little of the pushing and shoving that generally occurs when a pecking order is being established.  I've never heard less noise from Rosey since she came here.

Hello Iris!  WeeHavyn welcomes you...


  1. LOL....don't you just love it when OUR plans come together.....ha....that don't seem to happen very often as you said. ;) Iris is a cutie and happy that all is well again.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why I even make plans... except for the joy of changing them. But I generally find my intentions come to pass, it's just the actual path to them that is up for grabs.


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