Friday, October 23, 2015

A Test of Strength

Life is once again sending me events to test my fortitude and Grace.  I have the opportunity to choose a hard thing or an easy thing.  There is, perhaps, no right or wrong choice here...just a choice.  At a time when my own children are grown and gone, I have been put in the path of other children that desperately need stability, strength, and guidance.  My blood does not flow through their veins.  Yet, they are human beings and my compassion ties them to me as surely as had they come from my own flesh.

Still...I know that feeling compassion is not the same as actually having the strength to do what must be done to heal years worth of damage.  To remain calm, a fixed point no matter what tempest rages around me, will be a supreme challenge.  Do I have that strength?  Am I even brave enough to find out?  Many would shake their heads and tell me I shouldn't have to take so much on.  That my child raising is accomplished.  That we don't have space. WeeHavyn is a very small place, but she is filled with comfort, hospitality, and love. There is peace and calm here, something these children have never known.
Even now I plan ways to fit more people comfortably into our lives. As I write this, I realize my choice is already made.  After all, these children belong to someone very dear to me.

I must try.

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