Friday, October 2, 2015

Chicken House 2.0 (revisited)

It seems to be an unwritten rule on a homestead of any size that projects take much longer than one expects.  This was definitely the case with the second version of the WeeHavyn chicken house.  It took almost exactly a year.  It's not that there was so very much work involved, but it was kept on the back burner as more pressing projects were accomplished. Yet I can't help feeling it was worth the wait!

Built almost entirely of free pallets, the house is large enough for 6 to 8 hens.  It has three large nestboxes that are accessible from the outside, 2 levels, and a roost bar inside. All in all, it's a very comfy and attractive home for our new hens and I'm so thankful I have a wonderful guy who would take the time to build it.

Of course, the day after the hen house was finished, I started to search for hens to put into it.  I knew I didn't want babies this late in the year.  Besides, sometimes I am not the most patient person and I wanted eggs right away.  Through the miracle of the modern electronic age....otherwise known as Facebook, I found 4 lovely Salmon Faverolles quite nearby.  I had never even considered this breed, but after a few minutes of research, I found they are quiet, calm, and good layers.  Perfect for our city situation. 

WeeHavyn welcomes, Annie, Mary, Jane, and Kate. 

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