Monday, October 12, 2015


We have had some lovely Autumn days here in the Ozarks.  The trees are starting to blaze with fall color and the air is crisp and cool in the morning.  The afternoons are warm, the soft breeze rich with the scent of fallen leaves, and the air filled with the scolding of squirrels as they gather up Summer's abundance to store against hunger in the cold days that are sure to come.

I find the nesting instinct grows strong within me this time of year as well.  I have the urge to set my little home in order, fill the pantry, and dream of next year's projects.  I feel such contentment looking out of a sparkling clean window at the sheets blowing softly on the line.  Gone is the wanderlust of Summer.  Now I look forward to dark winter days with a good book, crisp apple, and crackling fire.

Dare I say that my home is a reflection of who I am?  That the warmth, love, and life that emanates from what is essentially just a box flows from me.  Every change within me is somehow manifested in WeeHavyn. She has her imperfections, walls that aren't quite square, a few drafts, and a very steep and shady lot.  I improve those I can, and accept those I can't.  After all, the house is not one whit less warm or comfortable because of those curvy walls.  This helps me accept my own flaws, knowing I am not less kind or generous for all my stretch marks, grey hairs, and wrinkles. 

When WeeHavyn is chaotic, I only have to look within to see why.  The first thing I do when I find myself out of balance is to straighten up the house.  As each room becomes orderly and quiet, so too does my harried soul find peace.  I find that a quiet cup of jasmine tea in a freshly cleaned house can cure nearly any ill.

Perhaps you would like to join me....


  1. Such beauty filled poetry to my ears! Thank you, Sherry! Enjoy!! :)

  2. My wife, butt high in the garden, and me gathering our firewood for Winter is a huge blessing. When you may be feeling low this Winter just go onto YouTube and listen to the incredible talent of all ages of people auditioning for the many music shows - they will put a smile on your face and fresh hope into your heart.


    Dick and Steph Cook


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