Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Love is in the Air

It may be a long time before Valentine's Day, but Love is definitely in the air at WeeHavyn.... and so is the pungent smell of male goat.  How does one adequately describe the reek of a buck?  It hovers in the air, rank and oily, coating the inside of your nose with its sharp aroma and following you away.  It is like nothing else, far reaching and overwhelmingly male.  But Rosey must have babies for us to have lovely, creamy milk and delectable cheese.  My original plan was to take her to the lady I bought her from for a "date".  But the best laid plans of mice and men....

I really did hope I would not have to have a buck at WeeHavyn, but once I accepted the inevitable, the search went quickly and Pepe Le Pew, a black and white Nigerian Dwarf, came to stay with us.  He's actually a very sweet little guy, relatively quiet and respectful with the girls. That doesn't quite make up for the smell, though; and Pepe's stay here will be as short as possible. 

Now I have another decision to make.  Pepe is small enough that I could breed Iris to him.  He's in his own little pen, so I can choose whether I let her in or not when she's feeling romantically inclined.  Do I want to milk two goats? I didn't much care for milking two cows so I'm not sure.  I can expect 1/2 gallon a day from Rosey, which is plenty of milk.  Still, the economist in me balks at having an underutilized animal.

And....the babies should be so adorable!!

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