Friday, November 27, 2015

Weeds in the Window

It is a wet, gray November day in the Ozarks.  Despite its gloomy appearance, the air is warm and mild, a little odd for this time of year.  It seems strange that we dug post holes on Thanksgiving Day in nothing but a long sleeved shirt, yet that's just what we did.  The purpose of those post holes is the subject for another blog...

Today, as the first day of Winter rapidly approaches, I found myself with my fingers in the soil, making a huge mess and gently cradling plants in their new home.  Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time at all know I am not blessed with a green thumb.  Plants don't holler when they need food or water like the goats do, so they tend to just quietly fade away in the windowsill.  Yet it is this time of year that I desperately need to be reminded that Spring will come.   I decided today I was going to replace my dead houseplants and bring a little green back into WeeHavyn.

 With my track record for houseplants, it seems silly to spend money on them.  Besides, I like useful plants and am much more likely to take care of something that serves a purpose.  So...I went hunting for edible weeds.  We had a very hard frost last week so I figured anything left alive is probably pretty hardy...a definite bonus in my house.  Spade in hand, I poked through the soggy leaves until I found the bright flashes of green of what I was looking for.  I came in with a dandelion, some wild onions, a chicory plant (I'll admit I thought it was a dandelion before I examined it more closely), a violet, and some miner's lettuce.  Each plant was carefully trimmed, and lovingly nestled into its pot with a sprinkling of "goat berries" for fertilizer.

I'm well aware that none of these plants are going to provide enough food to make any kind of dent in the food bill.  Yet, there's something so very satisfying in clipping a few leaves to add to a winter salad. 

I think that kind of satisfaction is just as nourishing as the salad.

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